ESWC to host a $50,000 tournament at PGW 2017

ESWC to host a $50,000 tournament at PGW 2017

The organizers of the Esports World Convention will host a CS:GO tournament during the Paris Games Week 2017. A $50,000 prize for the four finalists.

The ESWC CS:GO OMEN by HP is a French only event. The online qualifiers will start in October, while the LAN final is planned for November 2nd-3rd at the Paris Game Week show.

The qualifiers will feature two tournaments of 16 teams each.

  1. October 5th to 7th

  2. October 17th to 19th.

Registration is open for all French teams.

Four teams will battle during the Main Event. Team LDLC and Team EnVyUS received a direct invite, while the remaining two will be selected through the open qualifiers. They will fight eight matches during the two days of the competition.

Casters for the online games:

  • François "Cnd" Balembois

  • Emannuel "Manu" Bondu

All matches will be streamed live on Twitch on ESWC, 1PVcs, and OMEN.


Header Image: ESWC

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