CheckSix back to CS:GO - signed Make War Not Love

CheckSix back to CS:GO - signed Make War Not Love

The previous CheckSix’s roster disbanded on July 20, 2012. After a long hiatus they are back with the Make War Not Love’s roster.

Old Counter-Strike fans will remember both their CS 1.6 and CS:S teams - the latter reached the playoffs in multiple events and obtained the third place at Electronic Sports World Cup 2011.

With the acquisition of the North American team Make War Not Love, Corey "flashstep" Parks and Josh "joshbM" Blier will be part of the organization for a second time.

Flashstep announced that he will be the IGL:

I am the IGL of the squad, in and out of game! I make the strategy and lead discussions during matches and practice. Always positively affecting our mentality. morale, and strategy for the better, well, I hope so at least.

When questioned about the roster, and on how the newer talents will complement with the veterans of the team, he answered:

I am super excited to see the skill ceiling some of these younger players have. I have always sought out potential in players. If you find the right 5 players who enjoy playing together, same goals, and dedicate the time great things will happen, and that is what we have with this roster.

Its a compliment of mindset, I am constantly learning new stuff from them as well. I think their play styles and dedication inspire me to want to play more/take the time to show them stuff they don’t know. We found 3 really talented younger players who want what is best for the team, something I find key to success with any sport or game.

CheckSix’s roster:

  • Corey "flashstep" Parks

  • Josh "joshbM" Blier

  • Jacob "L0ner" Webster

  • Nolan "Temperature" Pepper

  • Nick "Zeptic" King


Header Image: CheckSix

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