CS:GO update October 5, 2017

CS:GO update October 5, 2017

A new update for CS:GO has been released. Previously, we talked about the molotov-smoke bug that was still affecting the game, hopefully this patch will improve the situation.

The molotov-smoke bug is caused by how the molotov's fire spreads. It creates multiple “mini-fires” randomly placed, producing gaps that don’t trigger the smoke grenade. More info here.


  • Added a double-confirmation purchase UI for Perfect World users to help avoid accidental purchase clicks.


As a pre-release beta, the following changes can be previewed offline with bots:

  • Smoke grenades now have 10 unit radius when deciding if they are close enough to a fire to extinguish it. This helps reduce the number of ‘gaps’ between flames which could cause a smoke grenade to not detonate.

  • Additional changes to smoke grenade detonation to make smoke/fire collision more predictable in areas with rough terrain / ledges / stairs.


Source: Valve


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