Tekken 7 most played characters by rank - 2019

Tekken 7 most played characters by rank - 2019

The Tekken 7 most played characters and their popularity at each rank are shown in the tables and graphs below. Only PC data.

The pick rate of a character is not strictly connected with their strength, but it is still a critical indicator to understand how well they work globally and at a certain rank.

I hope the data in this article will be of help to find out the picks you should focus on at your rank and the opponents you will face the most.

Season 2 - July 2019

Most played characters at all ranks

The table indicates the most played characters in Tekken 7 during July 2019, Season 2. It considers all ranks and only PC data.

The table is responsive. If you are using a phone, you may have to turn it sideways for a full view. Otherwise, zoom in or click the grey area to swipe it.

# Character # Character # Character
1 Paul 16 Lars 31 Xiaoyu
2 Kazuya 17 Katarina 32 Geese
3 Armor King 18 Steve 33 Negan
4 Bryan 19 Miguel 34 Bob
5 Dragunov 20 Shaheen 35 Eddy
6 Jin 21 Lili 36 Nina
7 King 22 Alisa 37 Akuma
8 Devil Jin 23 Asuka 38 Marduk
9 Law 24 Feng 39 Master Raven
10 Kazumi 25 Jack-7 40 Lei
11 Heihachi 26 Leo 41 Kuma
12 Claudio 27 Lucky Chloe 42 Julia
13 Hwoarang 28 Gigas 43 Anna
14 Josie 29 Lee 44 Eliza
15 Noctis 30 Yoshimitsu 45 Panda

Characters’ popularity by rank

In the images below, you can find out the popularity of all characters at each rank. I sorted them in alphabetical order and in five galleries for ease-of-use.

Akuma to Eddy


Feng to Kazumi


Kazuya to Lucky Chloe


Master Raven to Yoshimitsu


DLC characters

These are the current DLC characters: Anna, Armor King, Eliza, Geese, Julia, Lei, Marduk, Negan, Noctis.

It is important to point out that one must buy the DLC characters individually (or acquire them via the Season Pass) which leads to their lower pick rate as fewer players have them. Nevertheless, Armor King is one of the most played characters in the game.

Armor King has been released in Season 2, but I am sure that many players were waiting for him. He is a well-rounded character with a cool look and great moves, so his popularity increased quickly.  Hopefully, he will be a member of the base roster in the next Tekken.


Source of the data

BANDAI NAMCO doesn’t provide an API to acquire info such as the most played characters in the game, so all the data displayed in this article has been gathered manually.

  • The data is based on the ranked leaderboards of each character, which are available in-game.

  • The stats shared on this page might be a bit skewed because the leaderboards do not provide info on the entire playerbase, still they are the most accurate source at our disposal.

  • All the data comes from the PC leaderboards, so the tables do not contain info on the characters’ popularity on consoles, but probably it is quite similar.

The data won’t be updated monthly - but only once or twice per season - so you might find fresher data during Season 3.

Credit to Olbaze who allowed me to use the data and graphs that he gathered and created.

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