Teamfight Tactics: Origins and Classes trait bonuses

Teamfight Tactics: Origins and Classes trait bonuses

This list shows the trait bonuses of all the origins and classes in Teamfight Tactics.

The units in Teamfight Tactics are the champions of League of Legends. They are split into origins and classes, and each one has its own trait bonus, which provides buffs or special effects.

Note: this list is only a preview. All the trait bonuses are subject to change in the following months as the developers will require time to balance a new game such as Teamfight Tactics.


  • Demon: their attacks burn mana and inflict damage accordingly.

  • Dragon: they have magic immunity when there is a pair on the field.

  • Exile: they earn a shield buff when isolated from the allies (for example, if they are placed at a corner of the arena)

  • Glacial: their auto-attacks have a chance to stun/freeze the target.

  • Robot: they start with maximum mana, so they can utilize their ultimate ability at the beginning of the match.

  • Imperial: they have a chance to inflict double damage.

  • Noble: a random friendly unit on the field earns armor and health regeneration.

  • Ninja: +50% bonus damage if you have exactly 1 or 4 ninjas on the battlefield.

  • Pirate: you gain a random amount of gold at the end of each round. You require three pirates on the field to activate this ability.

  • Phantom: this trait curses a random enemy champion reducing their health points to 100.

  • Wild: attack speed buff for all allied units.

  • Void: this trait reduces the armor of the opponent team.

  • Yordle: all yordles have evasion.

I gathered most of the info shared in this article from Jakub “Lothar” Szygulski, a famous Hearthstone player who has been invited by Riot to play Teamfight Tactics at their headquarters. Check out the video below to find out his first impressions on the game.


  • Assassin: they have increased critical chance.

  • Blademaster: they have a chance to proc extra auto-attacks.

  • Brawler: additional health points for all the brawlers.

  • Elementalist: they summon an elemental at the start of the match.

  • Guardian: this trait grants armor to nearby units.

  • Gunslinger: they have a chance to inflict additional attacks with each attack (potentially, there might be a mistake because this trait looks very similar to the one of imperials).

  • Knight: they receive reduced damage from basic attacks.

  • Ranger: additional attack speed for all rangers.

  • Shapeshifter: they transform in a stronger unit with more health points and stat buffs.

  • Sorcerer: additional magic damage for all sorcerers.

Header image: Riot

Update: Champion Synergy List. I have split all the units by cost, origin, and class; and fixed a few inaccurate trait bonuses. The list will be updated over time.

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