Geoff Goodman - Brigitte gameplay Q&A Summary

Geoff Goodman - Brigitte gameplay Q&A Summary

Geoff Goodman, OW game designer, responded to the questions of the community on the newly released hero, Brigitte. I summarized the most interesting answers.

Diversity is the main goal

Considering that Brigitte is a support/tank hybrid, Canis asked how she will affect the development of the future support heroes.

The main goal of the Overwatch team is to create diversity in all aspects of the game, heroes included. They won’t make only hybrid supports because there are players that prefer concentrating on a single role, and they want to provide options for everyone.

Brigitte as an anti-dive hero

Many members of the community define Brigitte as an anti-dive hero. Profane wants to know from the devs if and why we can consider Brigitte a meta-changing hero, and what’s her real potential.

Brigitte is the first hybrid tank/support ever released in Overwatch. She is a very tough support thanks to her health, armour, and own shield, but can also fight back harassers shield bashing and knocking them away. Potentially, Brigitte can be a killer and an intimidating opponent for heroes such as Tracer.

Geoff concluded stating that maybe she won’t completely upset the dive meta just by herself, but will certainly help.

Geoff Goodman - Image: Blizzard

Geoff Goodman - Image: Blizzard

Low damage and passive healing

Navarro asked why Brigitte’s damage and the AoE healing from her passive are both so low.

Geoff pointed out that she is a hybrid hero, so she can’t be good in everything. As a tank/healer, there is not much room left for damage. The AoE healing is instead very difficult to tune, but that’s not an issue because they can just increase it if it ends up feeling too weak even after extensive testing.

Melee heroes and their balance - Genji was a sword-based hero

Kajabuubuu wondered if the designer team loves creating melee heroes, and if they are harder to balance.

Geoff answered positively to both questions. Reinhardt was one of their first melee heroes, and it worked without issues because his shield allows him to do something helpful for the team at any time.

Initially, Genji was designed as a melee hero with his sword, but they found very difficult to integrate him in the game. They decided to give Genji only a melee ultimate and transform him in a ranged hero with shurikens.

Crowd control effects

In most shooters, crowd control mechanics are not available, so FantasticToe asked how the OW team sees these mechanics and what they add to the game.

Geoff believes that the game is healthier with such mechanics because without them we couldn’t counter heroes such as Tracer. They know that crowd control effects can become a problem and will be always very careful when introducing them.

Image from Blizzard animated short "Rise and Shine"

Image from Blizzard animated short "Rise and Shine"

Buffs to Reaper and Mei in the next PTR patch

Dysvalence questioned him on the characters they are reluctant to touch until Brigitte is sufficiently balanced and integrated in the meta.

Geoff explained that they are constantly trying to predict the next meta, and they are seeing some potential for a big tank meta on the horizon, particularly due to Moira as she shines at healing multiple tanks simultaneously.

The community already played in a tank meta, and they found it frustrating, so he would be worried about buffing heroes like Roadhog, Zarya, and even Ana. Instead, they intend to buff Reaper and Mei in the next PTR patch because they are excellent heroes to fight against that kind of meta.

Ana and her position in the meta

With the release of Brigitte, under-picked supports like Ana will be played even less than before. Antique asked the possible changes that could make Ana a viable hero again, and if the devs might consider increasing her scoped damage or hitscan capabilities.

Geoff said that Ana is not a bad support and she has different unique tools at her disposal. They do not have clear plans on Ana yet, but she doesn’t require many adjustments as currently she is just a victim of the dive meta.

Check out the thread with all the questions on the Blizzard forums.


Header image: Blizzard

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