The top 20 highest-paid LoL esports players in the world

The top 20 highest-paid LoL esports players in the world

This list indicates the top 20 highest-paid League of Legends players in the world. It considers only earnings from professional esports tournaments.

Considering only the total prize money awarded, League of Legends holds the third place among the esports games. At the top, we find Dota 2 with a substantial lead of 110 million dollars, while CS:GO is just a few millions ahead. From the release of LoL, over 64 million dollars have been handed out in 2208 tournaments.

Similarly to Overwatch, LoL pro players do not have the chance to win several events hosted by third-party organizers because the entire esports franchise is controlled by the game developer: Riot Games.

Samsung Galaxy holding the trophy at 2017 World Championship

Samsung Galaxy holding the trophy at 2017 World Championship

The goal of Riot is to make League of Legends a long-lasting esports, so they established a true ecosystem composed of numerous regional-based leagues, infrastructures, and hundreds of employees who manage the franchise.

The players are regarded as real athletes, so beside the money earned via prize pools, their stability is guaranteed by salaries that vary based on the region they are competing on. Many North American pro players earn over $300,000 USD yearly playing League of Legends!

The apex of all the regional leagues is the World Championship.

The 2018 Season World Championship saw the best teams in the world fighting for a share of the $6,450,000 USD prize pool. About 2.4 million dollars went in the hands of the winners: Invictus Gaming.

Invictus Gaming won $2,418,750 at 2018 World Championship

Invictus Gaming won $2,418,750 at 2018 World Championship

The following data includes only revenues from esports tournaments because we can’t have precise info on all the money earned by the players via team wages and direct sponsorships.

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# Nickname Name Country Earnings
1 Faker Lee Sang-hyeok South Korea $1,175,927
2 Duke Lee Ho-seong South Korea $921,111
3 Wolf Lee Jae-wan South Korea $913,084
4 Bang Bae Jun-sik South Korea $910,451
5 Bengi Bae Seong-ung South Korea $810,683
6 Blank Kang Sun-gu South Korea $559,518
7 Ambition Kang Chan-yong South Korea $553,234
8 Rookie Song Eui-jin South Korea $530,739
9 Uzi Jian Zi-Hao China $512,733
10 Ning Gao Zhen-Ning China $486,901
11 Crown Lee Min-ho South Korea $482,787
12 CuVee Lee Seong-jin South Korea $482,492
13 Baolan Wang Liu-Yi China $479,622
14 Ruler Park Jae-hyuk South Korea $479,149
15 Core JJ Jo Yong-in South Korea $478,825
16 Mlxg Liu Shi-Yu China $472,216
17 ClearLove Ming Kai China $471,086
18 Mata Cho Se-hyeong South Korea $470,666
19 JackeyLove Yu Wen-Bo China $464,705
20 xiaohu Li Yuan-Hao China $459,842

Data updated to February 2019

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