How much money have I spent on League of Legends?

How much money have I spent on League of Legends?

Finding out how much money we spent on LoL is as simple as sending a support ticket. The old Riot privacy page lost this function due to the new GDPR law.

August 9th, 2019 update

Riot finally created a new system to know instantly how much money we spent on League of Legends.

  • Visit the dedicated support page.

  • Log in to your account.

  • Be ready for the worst.

  • Click “Show Me The Money”.

League of Legends money spent

Moreover, you can have fun and mess around with your friends by editing the amount or inserting a custom message.

  • Highlight the text.

  • Right click and select “Inspect” in the menu.

  • Edit your amount in the following line:

    • <div id="money-spent-results" class="style-scope z-page-article">$9000</div>

  • Click “Enter” to save the changes.

Note: I used Chrome for this example, but all the web browsers can edit it.

League of Legends real cost

Old system until August 2019

Are you looking for the amount of money spent on league of Legends so far? In the past, you could check it and retrieve more information on your account on the Riot Games privacy page, but the option has been removed.

Many players complained on the official forums because before the data was easily accessible, but be aware that the famous video game developer isn’t hiding it. ARedHerring, Security Engineer at Riot, affirmed on the EU West forum that they had to change their policy due to the newly introduced GDPR standards.

We had to end-of-life because it was not in-line with GDPR standards.

For the time being, the support portal is the only way to get this information.

We will not refuse requests if we can verify you are who you say you are since that’s against the law.
— ARedHerring - Riot Security Engineer

How can you get information about your account?

  • Send a ticket to Riot, and they will begin processing a data request for your account.

  • Use the dropdown “I need help with account management, data requests, or deletion”.

  • After a 30-day waiting period, they will email you a summary of the information they have on your account.

GDPR requires that we give you more information than was present on For the time being that requires some human effort.

I’d call it more of a sidegrade ;).
— ARedHerring - Riot Security Engineer
Riot request ticket the for money spent on the account

Of course, it is inconvenient for many users as they probably want to know the info as soon as possible, but the system is in place to protect us.

Torpedosheep, Senior Emissary on the Riot EUW forum, pointed out that the extra security on our data is worth the extra time:

I prefer not to have my data easily accessible, even if it’s my fault when my account gets breached/stolen, I prefer having that buffer before random people can see every bit of data I gave Riot Games.

Waiting for an e-mail doesn’t take any of your time... You submit the request and just continue with your life. You don’t have to pause anything.
— Torpedosheep - Senior Emissary

In the end, receiving exact info on the money spent on your account (and even more) is possible, but the GDPR regulation forced Riot to adopt a new method and spend more time and resources on their support team.

Images: Riot

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