VP, TobiWan & Merlini at All-Star Weekend Manila

VP, TobiWan & Merlini at All-Star Weekend Manila

Virtus.pro, TobiWan, and Merlini are the first invites announced for the All-Star Weekend taking place in Manila the next October.

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All-Star Weekend - MANILA 2017 is an upcoming event planned for October 13-15 at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila.

The presence of Virtus.pro has been revealed for The Manila Invitational, a world class competition among the best teams in the world.

The remaining three participants, and the format of the tournament will be disclosed shortly.

The event will be attended by multiple Dota 2 talents: the organization reported the presence of TobiWan and Merlini, but five more will join them.

Some of the activities programmed for the weekend:

  • Rising Stars Challenge

  • 1vs1 Challenge

  • Man vs Machine

  • Pro-AM Challenge

  • Dota 2 Celebrity Game

The tickets for the event are available here.


Header Image: Wykrhm Reddy

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