Ursa in 7.07 - Talent guide and recommendations

Ursa in 7.07 - Talent guide and recommendations

A guide to Ursa’s talents in 7.07. Some talents work in any game while others are situationally helpful against certain lineups. Learn how to make your choice.

The pick and win rate statistics after each talent refer to pub games in all skill rating brackets. Ursa received no further changes in 7.07b and 7.07c.

Level 10

  • +1.75 Mana Regen - 44.3% pick rate; 55.1 win rate

  • +8 Strength - 55.7% pick rate; 52.1% win rate

Prior 6.84, Ursa gained bonus damage based on a percentage of his current health while under the effect of Enrage. Now, 8 strength is only corresponding to 160 health points and 5.68 health regeneration amplification, nothing more. It helps when you need more hp, trying to survive against burst heroes.

Ursa needs Overpower to be effective, and it has a rather expensive cost in mana. The extra mana regeneration at level 10 is very convenient, particularly when the supports in your team refuse to buy a pair of Arcane Boots.

Overall, take the mana regeneration if you will roam a lot after the lane phase, and you can’t count on extra mana sources from your teammates. Otherwise, health points are never a poor choice, and will help you along all the match.

Level 15

  • +16 Agility - 86.3% pick rate; 55.6% win rate

  • -1s Earthshock Cooldown - 13.7% pick rate; 53.1% win rate

Earthshock slows all units in an area around you for 4 seconds. It has a 5 seconds cooldown, so with the talent you will have a permanent slow at your disposal.

Even if the ability has its benefits, it is hard telling no to 16 free agility. You are an agility hero, so that’s a valuable gain in damage, attack speed, and armor.


Virtus.pro's RAMZES666 on Ursa


Level 20

  • +1 Enrage Duration - 50.8% pick rate; 59.2% win rate

  • +25s Fury Swipes - 49.2% pick rate; 58.6% win rate

Enrage duration works better in most games

Enrage has a 4 seconds duration and 30 seconds cooldown. When enraging you get rid of any existing debuff, receive 80% less damage, and multiply the Fury Swipes damage by 2 once the ability is maxed.

It helps a lot versus lineups with burst damage as the nukers will often misuse their abilities on you - extending the duration to 5 seconds can severely change a fight.

If you buy an Aghanim's Scepter, the cooldown decreases to only 18 seconds. Of course, this is a situational luxury item, but it is worth to consider when a Black King Bar alone isn’t enough to ensure your safety.

Fury Swipes talent for flexibility

Fury Swipes last 6 seconds, so with the talent their duration increases to 31. Ursa normally needs to focus a target, stack Fury Swipes using Overpower attack speed bonus, and rapidly kill him.

If the enemy team has many mobile or tanky heroes, your target could survive and kite you for the duration of the debuff, resetting the extra damage. The talent is great when dealing with them as 31 seconds are usually enough for a teamfight.

Even if you can’t kill the first target, you can comfortably focus your attention on someone else - Ursa isn’t forced anymore to commit only against a single hero.


Anathan "ana" Pham on Ursa, supported by Abed Azel L. Yusop


Level 25

  • +14 Fury Swipes Damage - 61.7% pick rate; 61.6% win rate

  • +600 AoE Earthshock - 38.3% pick rate; 63.7% win rate

The range of Earthshock with the talent is massive, and transforms Ursa in a real kiting machine. You can keep slowing down those following you and put the enemy Blink Daggers on cooldown also when you can’t see the target.

Even if you take this talent, I would still choose the +16 agility at level 15.

At the end of the day, I suggest to select the Fury Swipes damage. Earthshock is just a slow while 44 bonus damage per stack of Fury Swipes can be troublesome even for tanky heroes. You will definitely notice the difference in damage with and without the talent.


Credit to Dotabuff for the talent stats - Header image: Valve

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