Noah Whinston - Immortals CEO - AMA summary

Noah Whinston - Immortals CEO - AMA summary

The CEO of Immortals, Noah Whinston, answered to an AMA on r/Dota2 about IMT’s entry in the Dota 2 competitive scene.

A week ago, Immortals acquired the Korean MVP Phoenix’s roster, that played at TI6 obtaining a top 6 placement. Yesterday night, the CEO of the organization, Noah Whinston, hosted an AMA to share their goals and the reasoning behind this resolution.

We summarized the most interesting topics discussed in the open interview.

Noah explained that Immortals joined the Dota scene not only due to the new Majors system, but particularly because they found a team consistent with the values of the organization. They had three rosters in their mind, and wouldn’t have continued with their project if it wasn't possible picking up any of them.

Entering an esports scene at this point in our lifespan as an organization is more based around the team we’re signing than the particular game. Entering DOTA was a by-product of finding the right players for our organization.
Image: Immortals

Image: Immortals


Immortals will continue their journey in Dota as long as there is a right roster to support their brand philosophy.

The players are people, not just characters on a screen.

Also, they want all their players to invest their time and energy connecting with the fans. They have to be genuine and honest, and be accountable of their own actions. IMT wants to transform them in real athletes.

Bringing them onto the soon-to-be-announced IMT Campus, giving them access to physical and mental wellness trainers, and making them into well-rounded athletes are all core to the IMT mission.
Immortals Dota 2 Team - Image: Immortals

Immortals Dota 2 Team - Image: Immortals


Noah listed all the aspects they were looking for in a team:

1. A team with competitive potential, that could qualify to TI and represent us well there.

2. A team that understood the importance of content and fan interaction, and were willing to take time out of their day to give back to the community that allows them to compete at the highest level.

3. A team that was willing to establish a North American footprint

4. A team that understood the impact of infrastructure, discipline, and coaching on competitive success

5. A team that prioritized out of game growth (fitness, nutrition, mental skills) in addition to in game growth

Happy to say we found all of that in our current roster.

Finally, he pointed out that Immortals is a North American organization, so the team will move there to interact with the fans of the region and compete in the NA leagues.

Looking forward to the EU Majors, they will organize bootcamps in Europe to properly prepare the team, but they will mostly spend their time in the facilities based in Los Angeles

Are you excited about Immortal’s new adventure in Dota 2?

Header Image: Immortals

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