Meteor Hammer in 7.08: changes and suggested heroes

Meteor Hammer in 7.08: changes and suggested heroes

The Meteor Hammer received a substantial buff in 7.08. Find out the strengths and weaknesses of the item, and the best heroes that can make use of it.

A brief history of the changes

The Meteor Hammer has solid statistics for the price, but two significant issues affected the item since its creation: cooldown and channeling time.

IceFrog tried to make it more appealing by increasing the stun duration from 1.75 to 2 seconds in 7.07c, and then reducing the channeling time from 3 to 2.5 seconds in 7.07d.

The second change in particular was well welcomed, but not enough to grant it a spot in the backpack of professional and pub players. According to DatDota, during all 7.07 the Meteor Hammer was bought only 93 times in competitive play. It is a ridiculously low amount considering we had around 500-700+ games played monthly.

The new buff introduced by the Spring Cleaning 2018 update could change the fate of this item. It reduced the cooldown from 40 to 28 seconds, meaning you can effectively farm every creep wave as lane creeps have a respawn time of 30 seconds.

With the Meteor Hammer, any hero can turn into a pusher, nuking creep waves and damaging buildings.

Meteor Hammer - Bonus and active ability

Cost: 2615


  • +12 Strength

  • +12 Intelligence

  • +4 Health regeneration

  • +1.5 Mana regeneration

Active ability: Meteor Hammer

  • Mana cost: 125

  • Cooldown: 28

After a 2.5 seconds channeling time, it will summon a meteor in the targeted location. The meteor stuns all enemy units for 2 seconds, inflicts impact damage, and also damage over time to units and buildings for 6 seconds.

  • Cast range: 600

  • Radius: 300

  • Impact damage (Units): 150

  • Impact damage (Buildings): 75

  • Damage per second (Units): 90

  • Damage per second (Buildings): 50


  • The meteor requires 0.5 seconds to hit the ground after a successful channeling.

  • It deals a total of 690 damage to units and 375 to buildings before reductions.

  • Casting multiple Meteor Hammers at the same time won’t stack the damage, but the duration of the DoT is refreshed.

  • It also provides flying vision in the targeted area for 3.8 seconds

  • It destroys trees upon impact. Beware if you are Treant Protector.

The Harbinger Comes loading screen for Outworld Devourer - Image: Valve

The Harbinger Comes loading screen for Outworld Devourer - Image: Valve

Suggested heroes

Let’s be realistic and have a look at the heroes who can benefit the most from this item.

  • In my opinion, one of the best users is Bane. He is an excellent support in this meta and possesses solid qualities as a ganker and a nuker.

Nightmare is a perfect spell to combo with the Meteor Hammer as the enemy affected by it will fall asleep for 7 seconds, giving you ample time for positioning and channeling the meteors.

Also, Bane’s biggest weakness is the complete lack of farming abilities - with the Meteor Hammer he would gain a handy tool to farm creeps.

  • A good candidate is Outworld Devourer as he can utilize the 4 seconds duration of Astral Imprisonment to channel the item’s active ability. Moreover, OD is not a quick tower destroyer, and here the meteors would be of great help.

  • Another solid user is Disruptor. He can block opponents in his Kinetic Field for 4.4 seconds (8.4 with the level 25 talent) bring them back in with Glimpse if they try to escape, and create gorgeous combos in teamfight using also Static Storm.

Overall, any hero with long-lasting disables is a possible candidate.

  • Many already tried this item on Naga Siren as Song of the Siren is a perfect spell to trap the enemies at the right time and channel the meteors.

  • Treant Protector possesses a 4.5 seconds root, and he can use all his items and spells while remaining invisible thanks to Nature’s Guise.

  • Nyx Assassin can combo the Meteor Hammer with impale, but it won’t be that easy has it requires a 2.5s channeling time and his stun has a 2.8s duration. Also, Nyx is really unable to farm at a decent speed, so it could be useful to boost his GPM.

  • Elder Titan can safely channel the Hammer thanks to Echo Stomp, which puts the enemies to sleep for 5 seconds. It will work wonders, if none of your friendly and smart teammates will wake them up beforehand :).

Ageless Witness loading screen for Treant Protector - Image: Valve

Ageless Witness loading screen for Treant Protector - Image: Valve

There are more possible heroes, such as Shadow Demon with Disruption, or Underlord with Pit of Malice. But, in these cases you have just about the time to channel the Meteor Hammer, and often talents are required to extend the duration of their disables.

Beware. The Meteor Hammer can only work with a limited range of heroes.

For example, I heard people suggesting it on Timbersaw because Chakram can apply a movement slow up to 100%.

I really discourage it because Timber is a hero that must keep moving during the fight, chasing heroes, halting the enemy escape, and inflicting huge pure and magic damage with his abilities: you can’t lose almost 3 seconds idle while channeling the Meteor Hammer.

After reading this article, I hope you will give a chance to the Meteor Hammer. Honestly, I will try it more on Bane and Treant Protector as soon as possible. Also, if you are interested on the former, check out this article where I illustrate why Bane is one of the most first picked supports in competitive games.


Header Image: Valve

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