ESL One Hamburg cosplay competition winners

ESL One Hamburg cosplay competition winners

ESL hosted a professional cosplay competition during the ESL One Hamburg Major, featuring a €3,000 money prize for the top three. Check out the winners!

Cosplaying started just as a hobby, but over time multiple organizations allocated space and money to promote contests among experts. In the video below, you can have a look at the top 10 at ESL One Hamburg.


Prize pool distribution

  1. Death Prophet - Vicky Kujikawa €1250

  2. Legion Commander - Rehab - €750

  3. Juggernaut - Roman Pivec - €500

Why didn’t Juggernaut win?

ESL established a set of rules that all participants had to abide. To understand the final decision, we want to focus your attention on two points:

  • This competition will be a Craftsmanship competition.

  • Judges will be closely inspecting each and every costume, inside and out as well as asking several questions regarding the creation process.

The audience mostly fell in love with the Juggernaut cosplay, but maybe the judges found some inconsistencies in his costume, or a higher attention to detail in the others. Unfortunately, probably we will never know the exact reasoning behind the choice.

Also The International 7 champion, Amer "Miracle-" Al-Barqawi, appreciated the Juggernaut’s Arcana displayed on stage:


While we agree that the judges must reward the most realistic cosplay, we also firmly believe that it is important to take into consideration the emotions it generates in the audience.

Following the announcement of the top three, many fans shared on Social Media their discomfort about the judges' choice. Juggernaut conquered a place in our hearts as the real winner!


Header Image: ESL

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