Dueling Fates release date announced by Valve

Dueling Fates release date announced by Valve

Valve finally announced the launch date of the next grand Dota 2 update. Dueling Fates, the long awaited 7.07 patch, will arrive on November 1st.

Yesterday, BeyondTheSummit streamed an entertaining “Patch Day” that attracted about 16k to 18k simultaneous viewers. Dakota "KotLGuy" Cox and Ken "Hot_Bid" Chen acted as hosts of the 6 hours long parody event.

During the stream they contacted multiple Dota 2 talents: our overall favorite was Kanishka 'Sam' "BuLba" Sosale, who enriched the show with several anecdotes and his innate friendliness.

Valve alerted the fans about the real patch date one hour before the end of the show via the Dota 2 official Twitter.

BTS "Patch Day" full stream


Header Image: Valve

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