Dota 2 Debuffs Artworks by Jiuzhua-Rio

Dota 2 Debuffs Artworks by Jiuzhua-Rio

The Dota 2 debuffs have been represented in a series of artworks drawn by the artist Yufei “Jiuzhua-Rio” Zhang.

Pieces of art are almost an everyday occurrence in Dota 2, but Jiuzhua-Rio’s style is different to the one we are accustomed in our game.

The debuffs are embodied by female heroines

Discovering the source of inspiration for most of them isn’t easy, but he probably used Axe and Death Prophet as muses for the Disarm and Ethereal debuffs.

At first, he wanted to share nine different portraits - each one displaying a different disable effect - but lately he proposed his fans only five of them. We hope that, in future, Yufei will find the time to finish his work.

Below you can see all the pictures posted on his Tumblr.

Which ones did you like the most? We loved the Silence and the Disarm artworks.

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