Attributes changes in 7.07 - All stats give perks

Attributes changes in 7.07 - All stats give perks

Multiple changes affected the hero attributes in the Dueling Fates update. Attributes offer some benefits to all heroes, and also some perks to the heroes of the respective type.


  • +20 Health

  • +0.7% HP Regen Amplification


  • +1 Damage

  • +0.15% Status Resistance

Status Resistance reduces the duration of effects like silence, stun, disarm, root, fear, etc. For DPS debuffs with slows, it instead just reduces the slow values to keep the damage amount unaffected.

This new statistic is very helpful for tanks, and those heroes that are usually kited. With a 20% status resistance a 2 seconds long stun will affect your hero for only 1.5 seconds.

For example, a level 25 Axe without items has a 13.8% status resistance. A Heart of Tarrasque alone will up it to 19.8%. Selecting the level 10 talent that gives +10 strength, the resistance will reach 21%.

Axe status resistance level 25 with tarrasque.jpg


Agility now gives a little more armor.

  • +1/6 Armor (from 1/7)

  • +1 Attack Speed

The movement speed of all agility heroes is reduced by 5, but the attribute now provides a % based bonus to it.


  • +1 Damage

  • +0.06% Movement Speed

The final movement speed depends from the build, but overall agility heroes will be a lot faster than before, particularly in the late game with multiple items.

The average movement speed in Dota 2 is about 300. Luna is the fastest agility hero in the game with 335. 28 agility gives an 1.68% increase in movement speed, so a hero with 300 base movement speed will reach 305.04.

For example, I tested a level 25 five-slotted Juggernaut with a typical build. With Phase Boots, Manta, and Butterfly you have a 403 movement speed. If you take the level 10 talent that grants +20 movement speed, Juggernaut will reach 427. Buying also another agility item, such as a Diffusal Blade, will move the total to 431.

Juggernaut movement speed level 25 typical build.jpg


Intelligence mana is increased from 11 to 12.

  • +12 Mana

  • +2.0% Mana Regen Amplification

  • +0.07% Spell Amplification


  • +1 Damage

  • +0.15% Magic Resistance

10 Int gives 1.5% magic resistance. It will help to reduce the damage suffered from magic nukes, but in general I consider this the weakest perk, particularly if compared to status resistance.


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