AMD Dota 2 Pro Series 2018 to be held in Australia: teams, talent, date, and format

AMD Dota 2 Pro Series 2018 to be held in Australia: teams, talent, date, and format

The AMD Dota 2 Pro Series 2018, also known as Convictus Esports Group Pro Series 2018, will be held in Melbourne, Australia and feature a $50,000 AUD prize pool.

Organized by Convictus Esports Group, the AMD Dota 2 Pro Series 2018 will take place at The Plenary, Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre on December 8-9th.

Eight teams will take part in this battle. Mineski and OG received a direct invite to the tournament while the remaining six squads earned their spot via the regional qualifiers held in Australia, SEA, and China.

Get excited for the ULTIMATE esports experience! Melbourne Dota 2 Pro Series will be sequenced across a series of online qualifiers, group stages and finally a two-day major event held at a world class venue where eight teams will compete for Oceania’s largest Dota 2 tournament.

The event will be charged with thrilling production and electrifying experiences that will be sure to keep you on your feet. With activities including a cosplay competition, on-site gaming experiences and an esports market place, the inaugural event will be one to remember in Australia.


Group Stage

  • The eight participants are split into two groups of four teams each.

  • They will face each other in the round-robin Group Stage with Bo2 matches.

  • The best two teams of each group advance to the upper bracket of the main event while the bottom two teams will have to fight in the lower bracket.

Main Event

  • The Playoffs feature a double-elimination bracket with Bo3 games.

  • The first three rounds of the lower bracket are Bo1 (only the Lower Bracket Finals is Bo3).

  • The Grand Finals is Bo5.

Prize pool distribution

A total of $50,000 AUD ($36,473 USD) is up for grabs, and it will be split as follow:

  • 1st - $25,000 AUD - $18,236 USD

  • 2nd - $12,500 AUD - $9,118 USD

  • 3rd - $7,500 AUD - $5,471 USD

  • 4th - $5,000 AUD - $3,647 USD

Online qualifiers highlights




Invited Teams

  • Mineski

    • JT-, Moon, kpii, Febby, TBD

      • Coach: Clairvoyance

  • OG

    • TBD, Topson, 7ckngMad, JerAx, N0tail

      • Coach: ppasarel

Australia Qualifier

  • Natural 9

    • balla, XemistrY, lordboonz, calvin, cas158

  • AGN Black

    • Baosu, Reverie, Lon, Allison, Jesus

SEA Qualifier

  • PG.BarracX

    • Huppey, Azur4, theardo, Ramz, Spaceman

  • Alpha Red

    • Dogbrain, Fearless, MyPro, LionaX, Boombell

China Qualifier

  • Mr Game Boy

    • JiaJia, Ferrari_430, awen, CatYou, Protoss

      • Coach: Key

  • DeathBringer Gaming

    • Kamma, Op, Guvara, F1refly, LaNm


Teams - AMD Dota 2 Pro Series 2018 - CEG

Talent List

Stage Hosts

  • Jake "SirActionSlacks" Kanner

  • Michelle "MishMannering" Mannering


  • David "GoDz" Parker

  • David "r1sk" Arnous

  • Mike "MLPDotA" Le Phoenix

  • Cameron "Basskip" Scott

Talent - AMD Dota 2 Pro Series 2018 - CEG

Header image: CEG

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