Akke became a father

Joakim "Akke" Akterhall shared on Twitter a picture with his newborn. The Swedish Dota 2 legend became a father.

Image: Joakim Akterhall

Image: Joakim Akterhall

Akke played with Alliance until August 2016, month in which the team got the top 12 placement at The International 6.

Then he joined Horde, a Swedish team formed to take part at WESG 2016. Akke was the co-owner. The team obtained the second place at the Europe & CIS Finals, bringing home a $17,982 prize, and qualifying for the main event - unfortunately, they made it only to the top 16.

In May, he attempted to qualify for TI7 with Crescendo. The squad only reached the 9th place in the EU qualifier, and the roster disbanded. Afterwards, Valve invited Akke at TI7 as panel talent.


Header Image: Monster Energy

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