Ability Draft changes and Turbo Mode

Ability Draft changes and Turbo Mode

The Dueling Fates update included multiple adjustments to Ability Draft, and added a new Turbo mode for casual players. Let’s look at them.

The Turbo mode follows the same rules of All Pick, but has the goal to allure a more casual player base by increasing the amount of action during a match.

Turbo mode

  • More Gold and Experience Points earned

  • Towers are weaker

  • Respawn time reduced

  • Buy-anywhere shop system

The teams will spend less time farming and more fighting.

Those who don’t have enough time for a long Dota 2 match, or just want to test new heroes, items, and strategies can now choose Turbo mode, and enjoy all the action provided by the game.

Ability Draft has a new and improved interface, and players will be able to swap the hotkey order of abilities. The latter is a feature requested for a long time by the community, because the standard layout is quite annoying with certain skills.

Valve also enabled the team chat during the draft: before it wasn’t possible to communicate, thus ruining the chances to create proper combinations for teamfights and lanes.

Finally, fifteen more heroes will join the battle - Dark Willow and Pangolier as well.

Ability Draft new interface

Ability Draft new interface


Ability Draft changelog

  • New Drafting UI

  • Added support for chat during draft.

  • Added support for swapping ability slots.

  • Dark Willow and Pangolier added.

  • Added tooltips for hero talents and base stats as well as indicators for hero primary attributes.

  • Scoreboard will now show drafted abilities at end of game and when viewing replays.

The following heroes added to Ability Draft with a limited set of abilities:

  1. Puck

  2. Templar Assassin

  3. Chen

  4. Doom

  5. Shadow Fiend

  6. Ember Spirit

  7. Vengeful Spirit

  8. Keeper of the Light

  9. Spectre

  10. Troll Warlord

  11. Phoenix

  12. Timbersaw

  13. Elder Titan

  14. Ogre Magi

  15. Tusk


Source: Valve

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