Dota 2 7.20 update: Pull and Stack timings - Map changes

Dota 2 7.20 update: Pull and Stack timings - Map changes

The Pull and Stack timings updated to the 7.20 map! A summary of the main changes to towers, runes, lanes, primary and secondary jungle, and Roshan pit.

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In the following days and weeks, I will publish several articles on the 7.20 update. Stay tuned as I will cover most aspects of the game, general and specific game changes, new and old items, most popular heroes in pub and pro games, and more.

Pull and Stack timings 7.20

Pull and Stack timings 7.20

Note: 7.21 replaced the primary jungles' ancient camps with big camps. The rest of the map is unchanged.


Credit to jerseydevilz who gathered the data displayed on the map about the Pull and Stack timings, and to @wykrhm who shared the high quality images of the 7.19 and 7.20 Dota 2 maps.

A summary of the map changes

I will have a look at the main areas of the map and explain how the changes will affect our gameplay.

I took pictures of the locations featured in this article using the standard terrain as most players are acquainted to it. Still, I suggest heading into the game and creating a private lobby to explore the map while reading the explanation.

Map themes: no symmetry and big plateaus

The two sides of the Dota 2 map have never been perfectly symmetrical, but in this patch in particular the differences between Radiant and Dire increased.

In both main jungles there is a big plateau that goes from the safe to the mid lane. If you team is able to maintain the control on this high ground area, all movements from a lane to another are faster and less dangerous.


Safe lane

Tier 1

There are no changes both on the Radiant and the Dire side, but the Radiant supports are extremely favored on pulling and stacking creeps.

  • This task is easy for the Radiants as now the neutral camps are next to each other - it is basically impossible to miss the pull timing.

  • Instead, on the Dire side the distance between the camps increased, which makes this job a lot more difficult and easier to counter.

Tier 2

Defending the tier 2 towers is immensely harder if compared to the previous patches.


  • Maintaining the control of the high ground next to the tower is crucial.

  • There are several trees the attackers can use for cover.

  • The Dire team can flank easily the defenders near the tower via the stairs on the left.

  • The jungle area at the bottom of the tower is unchanged. It doesn’t provide a lot of space for jukes and movements.


  • Also in this case, the high ground area is fundamental, and it facilitates the job of the attackers who can easily flank the defenders.

  • There are several trees on the high ground that can be exploited to reach the ideal positions without being spotted by the tower.

  • The jungle area at the top of the tower is large. Overall, it helps the defenders who have a safe space under the protection of the tower.

Off lane

Tier 1

On the Radiant side, the area around the tower is pretty much the same.

It is very difficult to gank the Dire tower. There are fewer trees to hide your presence, so you can’t approach it without being spotted.

If the Radiants try using the stairs next to the tier 2 tower, the chances of success are very poor because they will move near the edge of the tower vision range.

Tier 2

Both the towers are easier to siege due to the bigger high grounds next to them. In particular, I believe the Dire side is the most disadvantaged after the 7.20 changes.

Note: In the radiant jungle (the secondary one) you can farm two neutral camps at a time, but the Dire one is the real paradise for farmers because once again they can stack and farm all the three jungle camps simultaneously.

Mid lane

Tier 1

Nothing to note for the Dire tower.

There is a new possible ganking path on the left side of the tower - I have showed it in the images above. You can move unseen from the river to the tower by cutting a single tree (images 1 to 3).

On the bright side, the Radiants have a quick route to the medium camp (image 4). All the mid heroes able to farm the jungle will surely use it to acquire extra gold.

Tier 2

The Radiant tower has been slightly moved on the right; now there is almost no unprotected space between the tier 2 and the tier 3 towers.

Roshan pit

There are no changes to the Roshan pit.

  • It is important to point out that the Scan tool no longer ignores units in the Roshan pit, which will impact the gameplay.

  • The secondary Radiant jungle has been completely reworked. Now, there are several paths, while before you were forced to follow strict routes. These changes favorite gank actions (we will have more battles on this section of the map), but also opened a direct path from the Shrine to the Roshan Pit.


Overall, the Dire side has a remarkable advantage on the runes.


Top rune

This rune is placed on a very weird spot - in short, it is a trap.

Trying to approach it via the river is literally a suicide because it is surrounded by high grounds. If the Radiants want to steal it, they must at least secure the control of the high ground on the left side of the rune.

Bottom rune

Once again, advancing via the river without vision on the high ground is a terrible idea. Before, the Radiants could approach it from the right side, but now there are fewer trees, so the tower guards this passage.


Top Rune

The tower is at a certain distance, so the Dire team can access it via the left route without risking too much.

Bottom rune

It is the easiest rune to contest. There is just a single plateau, so the Dires can safely reach it from the lane and even hide among the trees next to it.

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