Vexed Gaming's roster is complete

Vexed Gaming's roster is complete

Vexed Gaming revealed their French/Belgian CS:GO lineup. Gauthier "Gauthierlele" Caron and Thibault "EMYOR" Soulet join the team.

Vexed picked up Gauthierlele and EMYOR due to their performance in FPLC, and thanks to a series of successful trials played with the team during the summer.

Also, Hovik “KQLY” Tovmassian finally signed an official contract with the squad after spending the past four months on trial.

We are confident that he will share and teach his “KQLY Style” to his teammates.

The IGL, Victor “Roombang” Henkinet, welcomed KWLY and talked about new rules that benefitted the team. He is certainly referring to the VAC ban issued against KQLY in November 2014, when he tried a cheating software.

After these last months’ vagueness and uncertainties, I am happy to commit myself to a full-time team with KQLY as team mate.

The recent announcements about the evolution of the rules for players allow us to have real and long-term goals, as well as benefit from KQLY’s high level experience, particularly when it comes to team work.

I will act as the in game leader of the team and hope I can help us progress with a busy and diligent work program. I am committed to achieving this goal. I am also very happy to have my brother back in the team and see his motivation and commitment in this project.
— Roombang

Vexed Gaming’s roster:

  • Victor "Roombang" Henkinet

  • Pierre "NpK" Henkinet

  • Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian

  • Gauthier "Gauthierlelelele" Caron

  • Soulet "EMYOR" Thibault

Vexed inaugurated the season with a bootcamp at Milk Club, followed by two weeks of practice, to prepare the team for their first offline event: Lanex. They will also take part at the qualifiers for DreamHack Oakland and at the 4th season of National ESL France Championship.

Header Image: Vexed Gaming

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