OpTic beat Renegades for IEM Oakland final spot

OpTic beat Renegades for IEM Oakland final spot

OpTic Gaming qualified for IEM Oakland XII winning the NA qualifier. They defeated Renegades 2 to 1 in the finals.

Ten teams participated in the North American qualifier, which featured a best-of-three single elimination bracket. Optic overwhelmed Torqued and NRG Esports with a combined 4-1 score, and then faced Renegades in the finals.

With OpTic gaming the lineup for IEM Oakland XII is finally complete. Twelve teams will battle in the $300,000 tournament starting from November 16th.

  • Astralis

  • Cloud9

  • FaZe Clan

  • G2 Esports

  • Gambit Esports

  • Immortals

  • Team Liquid

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas

  • SK Gaming

  • Team EnVyUs

  • OpTic Gaming

  • The MongolZ

OpTic vs Renegades Bo3 recap

Renegades picked the first map: Cache. Both teams showed a better game as Terrorist, and in the end Renegades won for one extra round in each half.

Keith “NAF” Markovic was the real assassin of the match with 35 kills, 112,3 average damage per round, and a rating of 1.70.

Cache 16:14 (5:10) (11:4) - Image: HLTV

Cache 16:14 (5:10) (11:4) - Image: HLTV

OpTic were the best team in their map: Overpass. They won the pistol round as Terrorists and claimed the successive rounds, but afterwards Renegades gained the upper hand, winning the first half 8:7.

On the CT-side OpTic demonstrated their superiority with an almost perfect gameplay, bringing home the map 16 to 10.

Overpass 10:16 (8:7) (2:9) - Image: HLTV

Overpass 10:16 (8:7) (2:9) - Image: HLTV

On Train, Renegades started as Terrorists, won the pistol round, and maintained the control of the match up to 7:1. Thereafter OpTic were able to gain rounds back, finishing the first half 6:9.

Once the sides swapped OpTic proved their skills obliterating Renegades’ defense with a 10:2 score.

Emil “Magisk” Reif and Aleksi “allu” Jalli were the best players in the conclusive two maps. On Overpass the latter earned an astonishing rank of 1.96, and on Train they both obtained about 25 kills.

Train 11:16 (9:6) (2:10) - Image: HLTV

Train 11:16 (9:6) (2:10) - Image: HLTV

Header Image: theScore

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