HenryG is now in the Master League on FACEIT

HenryG is now in the Master League on FACEIT

The British caster Henry "HenryG" Greer ranked in the Master League on FACEIT.

The news doesn’t come unexpected as HenryG is a former competitive player in both CS:S and CS:GO. In 2008 he was considered one of the best IGL in UK, and a respected player worldwide.

During his career he won Multiplay Insomnia 32 and CGS 2007 United Kingdom Finals with London Mint, and afterwards got the first place at European Nations Champions 2010 playing with Team United Kingdom.

According to FACEIT, each new player on their platform needs to complete three games to be placed at the correct level. The Leagues are updated monthly based on their ELO. The requirements are listed below:


  • Master League: 2000+

  • Diamond League: 1850-1999

  • Gold League: 1500-1849

  • Silver League: 1100-1499

  • Bronze League: 0-1099


  • Master League: 1350+

  • Gold League: 1050-1349

  • Silver League: 0-1049

What's your ELO in the FACEIT League?


Header Image: HenryG

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