CS:GO update 11/08/2017 -

CS:GO update 11/08/2017 -

It is finally possible to disable the new audio occlusion system using the option “Advanced 3D Audio Processing”. Valve listened to players’ complaints.

In the past month, Valve introduced a new audio occlusion system, but both casual and pro players complained about this change, asking to revert it. Their prayers have been heard as from today everyone can turn it off.

Moreover, now you can independently adjust the voice volume of each player in the match - a simple option that has been requested for years. Finally, the update implemented more fixes to Dust II, regulating also the penetration value for wood doors.           


Dust II

  • Increased overall luminance 20% for all Kasbah materials and models for visibility.

  • Fixed missing textures on some polygons of tarp model.

  • Fixed flashbangs not blinding player through chain-link fences.

  • Fixed edging around Kasbah alcove window which had shadowing artifacts.

  • Adjusted penetration value for wood doors.

  • Fixed wallbang values on Mechanique Generale.

  • Fixed ambient lighting values at CT spawn entrance.

  • Smoothed out clipping on block stack at Mid.

  • Fixed some models that were embedded in the ground.

  • Fixed dev text on loading screen.

  • Fixed cover props at B site that would expose player feet.


  • Streamlined audio settings so players have a consistent experience. Replaced HRTF and occlusion-specific settings with an option to disable 3D audio effects, to allow compatibility for players who have conflicting audio processing occurring on their audio hardware.

  • Added a voice_player_volume console command which can be used to adjust voice volume on a per-player basis.


  • removed holiday cheer.


Header Image: Valve

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